How is APA Editing Different From Editing

If you are searching for an editor for polishing your dissertation or thesis, the first thing you will wish to ensure that the person you are hiring is experienced in APA editing. If you are still not aware about the difference between APA editing and copy editing, you will surely find this blog interesting and insightful. Simply read on.

The acronym APA stands for American Psychological Association, which is actually an institute that is engaged in publishing the manual to which large numbers of academic papers adhere to. As you are reading this blog, this means that your academic paper too adheres to this manual. When you explore, you will discover that there are various types of editors. But you will surely wish to know the difference between usual editing and APA editing.

Difference between APA editing and Usual Editing

Nowadays a dissertation submission needs conformance to specific writing styles. Most of the Universities in Canada and the US prescribe specific APA writing styles for facilitating unbiased and clear communication and leaving no room for ambiguity. Following the APA style also helps in the interpretation of the text as per the requirements of the specific academic field. For doctoral candidates across the world, the APA writing style is the most popular one.

Usual Editing

In usual editing, the proofreaders and editors just edit the paper for language, spelling collections, grammar, diction and structure and make the required changes. But the reality is that the doctoral candidates still face constant rejections of their dissertation drafts simply due to the fact that their dissertation writing does not comply with the guidelines of APA.

APA Editing

An APA editor edits fir word usage, sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, figure captions, table titles and make sure that references are written correctly in accordance with the APA style. They ensure that that the writer does not use passive voice unnecessarily, which is considered an APA sin.

An APA format editor deals with extra space between paragraphs, paragraph rule, margins, layout, in-text citations and more! They do not make text changes but flags reoccurring issues. The writer can then carefully correct the changes and edit on the basis of the findings of the APA format editor.

The reality is that nowadays simple editing is not acceptable by various academic institutes. They want their writers to follow APA guidelines. For this reason, APA editing has now become extremely crucial!

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