Five Things I Have Done Instead of Writing

The most annoying yet common mistake we all do to delay our degree in Ph.D. is Not Writing. You see, writing a thesis is the most demanding step we have to take in order to cross the finish line, and that is exactly where we are left bereft of ideas. After all, we ain’t writers; we are researchers (fun-loving researchers, I must add).

So, instead of writing, here’s what I did to delay the inevitable moment of clarity where I sit down and just write:

Gaming: We researchers are technology freaks, and gaming is the technology we strive to seek! Be it GTA, Need for Speed, Toy Story, Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront or my personal favourite Mario, we love it all! My PS4 is my life and sitting in front of the screen was totally worth it!

Partying: So what if we are studious? We aren’t nerds! We have the right to party because we love to celebrate every-small-thing to entice some fun in our research life. It’s the parties you are going to remember later when you would be too busy solving the web of Life.

Reading novels: Because we are the readers in love with everything other than our academic books! To second that thought, I read 102 novels when I should have been concentrating on my research! I read it all, dystopia, paranormal, romantic, thriller, fantasy and fiction (even at nights in the light of phone-torch).

Cooking: Yes, we delay are writing, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t stress about it. Cooking was the perfect stress buster that relieved my tensed brain and worked like a soothing balm. And in the aftermath, when those chocolate cookies melted in my mouth, Ohh!! It was a complete delight!

Watching stars: Well, stars might be distant, but they are attractive! When I was not reading, or gaming, or partying, I was busy on my roof, laying on my cot and watching stars dancing in the moonlight. Maybe it was my imagination because it seemed like they were enjoying my company too!

No matter what we do, we have to confront the unavoidable, i.e., sitting down in front of the screen to write our thesis (and not to replenish the thirst for gaming). Because a researcher will be a researcher! The moral of this story is to do all the above, Yes, but not ignore the elephant in the room, for it will make ‘dreaming‘ more fun!

3 replies on “Five Things I Have Done Instead of Writing”

  1. Anna says:

    This blog is really refreshing! I would like to add on to it. Well the one thing i did instead of writing was gardening. I used to be in my garden all the time!

  2. Minnie says:

    Yeah, I found this blog refreshing too!

  3. Elsie says:

    Watching stars? That’s a weird one

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