Ditch your Editor

Getting a PhD degree is no easy task! It involves lots of hard work, dedication, devotion of time and energy. You need to believe in yourself that you have the willpower and drive to complete your dissertation and impress your guide and supervisors. A dissertation involves various phases- selecting the topic, doing the research work, compiling the results, writing and your dissertation and editing it.

Editing forms a crucial part of your dissertation as your guide and supervisors will judge your dissertation on the basis of what is presented before them. Even if the results of your dissertation are revolutionary or you have written it smartly, it will not matter. If your editor does not follow the APA style guidelines and edit accordingly, your dissertation may get simply rejected. The fact is that now-a-days large numbers of universities across APA style of dissertation writing. This means that you have to follow APA special guidelines which include writing the tables, margins, bibliography, formatting and so on.

Being a novice, you may not have much idea about APA style of writing and editing the dissertation and it is understandable. Majority of PhD scholars across the world hire editors to edit their dissertation and there is nothing wrong in it. You too can hire an external editor to edit your dissertation, but you need to be cautious about your choice of editor.

Avoid Editors who do not follow APA style

As aforementioned, large numbers of universities across the globe make it mandatory to follow APA style! So, if your dissertation is not edited in APA style, your guide may reject is outright and you may have to write and edit it again, which may frustrate and depress you. So, when searching for an editor for your dissertation, do not just consider the experience and qualification of the editor, but also ensure that they are well-versed with APA style and know its guidelines.

With the ready availability of the internet, you can easily take its assistance to search for a credible online portal that offers high-end dissertation editing services, following APA style. These prominent portals hire experienced PhD holders who are proficient in APA style of format. They will take special care to edit your dissertation strictly following APA format style and ensure that even the minutest mistakes are rectified. Thus, when you will submit your dissertation, your guide and supervisors are surely going to be impressed!

2 replies on “Ditch your Editor”

  1. Karan Mehra says:

    APA style formatting in research work can be treated as an icing on the cake. Like we cannot imagine a cake without icing similarly any research cannot be completed without APA formatting.

  2. Simon says:

    Instead of ditching, you could inform him about the style that you have followed and thus want editing to be done in same style.

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