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A critical part of writing any document at the Master’s or PhD level is the formatting of that document. This aspect is often ignored by research scholars. Whether you are drafting a research report or a journal paper, you need to get the format and layout perfect, as your review committee will consider the same when they judge the quality of your document. The format of your research document should be according to the style suggested by your institution. Additionally, the most commonly used formatting style is the APA or American Psychological Association style. Hence, we provide specialized dissertation formatting services as per APA formatting guidelines for a wide variety of documents belonging to various subjects.

Through our APA formatting services for your dissertation, we make sure that all the following aspects of your document comply with the APA formatting rules.

  • Table of contents
  • Title page
  • Running head
  • Heading levels
  • Serial comma
  • Quotations
  • Margins
  • Figures
  • Tables
  • Lists

APA Formatting Elements:

The team at APA Dissertation Editors provides distinguished APA formatting services for your dissertation. It is aimed at raising the bar of your research documents. Our APA editors are not only well versed with the guidelines of APA, but also have hands-on experience to review and edit research documents hailing from various fields of specialization. They will assess and then make corrections on all the following factors in order to perfect the formatting of your documents:

  • One of the most essential parts of a research document is its citation of references used throughout the document. There is a variety of rules as per the APA Manual, meant for citing different sources like web resources, books, journals, magazines, etc. Our editors follow each of these rules diligently.
  • Usually, doctoral candidates are not aware of the correct style of mentioning in-text citations. Hence, they end up with minor mistakes, such as the incorrect use of ‘et al.,’ improper use of commas and ampersands, and incorrectly placed multiple citations in single parenthesis. Our editing professionals easily correct such mistakes.
  • Another crucial aspect is to provide DOI while citing a research paper from a journal. This may seem to be a trivial issue, but maximum scholars experience this challenge. Our experts make sure that this aspect is not neglected at all.
  • Our APA editors ensure that each citation in your document contains the author name, date, name of publication, and relevant page numbers. It is of utmost importance while referencing your sources.
  • Each heading and sub-heading is written in either italics or bold and must be underlined, depending on the hierarchy. We again follow APA on such rules.
  • Our APA formatting takes care that the placement of headers is done correctly. All sub-sections must have appropriate and clear headings.
  • A running header must be given throughout the document. In a research study conducted in 2012, the findings revealed that 86.3% of all submitted papers had incorrectly written heading or their format was inappropriate. Our editors check the correctness and right placement of the running header.
  • APA recommends having a one-inch margin on all sides of paper. It must be maintained throughout the document. Thus, our editors make sure that margins throughout the document are aligned correctly.
  • Thus, our Editors make sure that margins throughout the document are aligned correctly.
  • The font style should preferably be ‘Times New Roman’ and the font size must be 12pt. We keep a check on it.
  • We also check whether the font, as directed for headers, titles, indexes, etc., is proper or not.
  • All graphs, charts, illustrations, and images are checked for appropriate labeling. We see that the labeling is correct, as well as consistent throughout the document.
  • We see that the numbering should also be correct and stated at the right place, with the relevant part of the text.
  • The recommended size of paper as per APA is 8.5x11 inches. One must follow this unless the college states otherwise. Our editing service takes special care of this factor.
  • Arabic numerals are used for pagination that should start from the title page.
  • Page numbers are given on the top right corner of each page.

Our APA formatting services are directed to notice the intricate details of your research work, and thereafter, our professional APA editors remove or correct all those aspects that do not confirm with the APA style guidelines and your university’s guidelines. We deliver a document that becomes clear, structured, and well readable after our formatting rounds. We want every scholar to present an impressive project that does not seem to be a mess. To seek assistance in getting your document right, you may contact us at contact@apadissertationeditors.com.

Our Benefits
  • Dedicated service for APA editing and formatting
  • Editors with over 10 years of experience and detailed APA knowledge
  • Subject matter experts to assist editors
  • Custom APA assistance for every client project
  • 100% surety for zero-error editing
  • Plagiarism removal assistance available
  • Guaranteed delivery before deadline
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I hardly had any time to wrap up and submit my dissertation, let alone get the formatting right. The assistance from the editors here made sure that my content’s format was flawless. They checked each minute aspect of the format and got the same in line with the APA standards, and that too, within a short deadline.
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Thanks to the expert editors, I was saved from the repetitive editing of my manuscript. My reviewers accepted the draft in one go, because of the impeccable editing done by your team. Now, my manuscript has passed the peer review. It will soon be published.
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Commendable services for APA editing and formatting! The timely delivery and hassle-free service added value to my work. I had a great time interacting with the executives and editors at this company.
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Being a student with English as the second language, I had absolutely no idea about the APA editing rules. However, the editors at this firm were very patient and answered all my queries regarding the changes made to the document. They also helped me improve the quality of language and presentation.
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With so many assignments to handle and a job to attend to, it was impossible for me to learn about APA and its techniques. Therefore, I decided to take professional help that paid off. Even my supervisor was impressed with the standards of grammar, structure, and language used in my work.
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My special thanks and wishes to the editors who have helped me at the most daunting stage of my dissertation that is editing. The interactive communication and impeccable assistance of APA Dissertation Editors have really worked best for me in achieving the best grades.
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The kind of editing and formatting service APA Dissertation Editors offers is unmatchable. The expert team of editors has followed all the guidelines provided from my end and made my dissertation a flawless piece of work.
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With the lack of time and a pile of work, I was unsure of the timely submission of my dissertation work. I was looking for a helping hand, and APA Dissertation Editors has worked above my expectation. You helped me in improving the quality of my manuscript. Thanks for your help.
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I have been using the APA Dissertation Editors’ service for two years, and I am completely satisfied with their detailed comments, corrections, and suggestions.
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I recommend APA Dissertation Editors to everyone who is seeking help from an expert editor.
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Thank you for the fast turnaround of my EdD dissertation. It stands approved.
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I was aware of the APA formatting style essential for writing a dissertation, but did not have any proper knowledge about it. Then, I came across this pool of editors who had over a decade of experience in APA formatting and writing. I got 100% guarantee for zero-error editing for my dissertation.
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Two jobs of Editing and APA Formatting done at amazing speed. I will recommend your service.
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Although I got plenty of help from my professors, friends and seniors, I was not satisfied with my dissertation. I was wary of the loopholes in the quality of my work. However, eventually, the editors of this organization helped me enhance the quality of my dissertation with proper analysis and editing, as well as correcting the writing style of my dissertation.
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