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The submission of dissertation requires conformance to specified writing styles. Most of Universities in US and Canada prescribe APA 6ed writing styles in order to facilitate clear and unbiased communication. Following such styles also helps in interpreting the text as per the requirements of an academic field. The American Psychological Association (APA) writing style is the most commonly prescribed writing style for doctoral candidates across the world.

We, at APA Dissertation Editors, specialize in language editing and formatting of varied research documents in accordance with APA guidelines. APA editors at our firm will not only edit your dissertation for language and grammar but also ensure that the format and citation is as per APA compliance. Find out how our editors can help you get approval for your dissertation quickly.

What our service entails?

Most dissertation editors and service providers offer their service of editing/proofreading the writing for language, structure, diction, grammar and spelling corrections. However, doctoral candidates still face continuous rejection of dissertation drafts as their documents do not comply with APA formats and recommendations. We saw this gap and over the years have developed a team of fourteen PhD APA editors who are well-verse with APA style of formatting and citation. Our clients get advantage of formatting and APA compliance at no extra cost with the editing service. Our service has the following key advantages:

  • Experienced PhD editors for your dissertation.
  • Guaranteed compliance with APA style of format.
  • All references and citations fixed as per APA recommendations.
  • APA writing guidelines will be checked and corrected.
  • Tables and graphs formatted as per APA.
  • On-time delivery
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Writing Dissertation? Read the APA Manual first.

The APA writing style is detailed in the publication manual of the American Psychological Association. The manual, first published in the year 1929, was of approximately 60 pages. Thereafter, it was revised several times. Some salient features of the manual are:

  • The latest edition of the APA manual includes online referencing and citation guidelines.
  • The guidelines in this manual are not arbitrary, but these have been developed after much deliberation and discussions with psychologists, industry experts, and other language and communication experts.
  • It is simple to follow this manual, as it is quite explanatory and provides suitable examples as well.
  • Provisions are given for the formatting of text.
  • Different rules for citations from various sources are also given.
APA Dissertation Editing Services

In fact, there is all this and much more in the APA manual for APA writing style. It is considered as a complete resource that can direct your writing and publishing as well. It guides a research student for simple, powerful, and concise writing. Since writers across the world use it in several academic domains, it also becomes essential to be followed by other researchers in those fields. This maintains the consistency of writing and makes it simple for targeted readers to understand varied projects in a specific area. All our editors have read the APA manual and while editing they ensure that your document is edited keeping in mind the language and APA compliance.

Meet our APA Editors

Every editor in our team is having a rich work experience of than 10 years. They also have expertise in providing professional guidance to researchers about the APA style and embodying the rules in their research documents. Read the profile of our four lead editors:

Kristine Bradley: EdD, APA Dissertation Editor. Kristine earned her Ed.D, in educational psychology from Florida State University. She is currently visitor professor in over twelve Universities and teaches special education, TESOL, counseling and teacher leadership.

Melinda Robertson: PhD, APA Dissertation Editor. Melinda holds a PhD from University of Houston on developmental psychology. Dr Melinda has mentored many master’s and doctoral candidates for completion of their research projects. She is an expert in research methodology and has edited over 75 dissertations in the past two years.

Harold Detwiler: Dissertation Consultant. Harold has Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Master’s in Sociology and PhD in Social Economics from Arizona State University. Harold is committed to assisting doctoral candidates in overcoming writer’s block and barriers to academic writing and APA format.

Nishanka Milania: PhD, APA Dissertation Editor. Nishanka received her PhD from University of Northern Colorado in applied Physics. She has been a consultant to business firms and dissertation chair in the past. She visits over 45 Universities in a year for imparting training related to APA writing in science related studies.

How Editing Process Works?
  • Getting a quote: You request for quote for the service you require through this website.
  • Confirmation of quote and payment: Once you confirm the quote and make payment, we set up your order.
  • Allocation of editor: Based on the topic of your research, we allocate a suitable editor for editing your dissertation or research paper.
  • File with tracked changes: Upon the completion of your document’s editing, we mail across the file with tracked changes in which you can see every change and suggestions made by our editors.
  • Acceptance of changes: You can accept changes, make corrections as per suggestions, and send in the updated file for our editor to review and provide final comments.
  • Cleaned copy: Our editor shall then send to you a cleaned copy based on the comments you have accepted and the ones you have rejected.
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